On January 23rd and 24th 2015, the Chair of Legal Culture of the University of Girona organizes the congress: A multidisciplinary jurist: about Michel Taruffo’s thought. In the context of this event, the Library of the University of Girona want to make visible the extensive work of this remarkable professor and jurist (42 monographs and 242 articles and book chapters).

This compilation is based upon the bibliography included in Maximiliano Aramburu’s thesis. He compiled the extensive work produced by Doctor Taruffo during 40 years as professor and researcher.

The added value of the provided bibliography is that each citation includes a link to the physical location of the document, in some of the catalogs of the Catalan and Spanish univerity libraries, as well as international libraries, such as National libraries (e.g. the British Library), university libraries (e.g., Università di Siena). When a link to the fulltext version was available this has also been included.

Our aim is to keep this bibliography permanently updated, in order to become a reference source for all the scholars of Doctor Taruffo’s work. That is the reason why any suggestions or comments are very welcome. Please use the following address: biblioteca.montilivi@udg.edu.